Laurel’s hopes of cruising the Caribbean sea with Sam are dashed when she hears the local radio advertise that the competition winner is due to be announced live on air that evening. Certain that she would have heard something by now she resigns herself to a normal day in the village. Meanwhile, Donna’s pleas for her mum to consider the ethical side of the situation fail miserably, as Viv has her heart firmly set on taking the prize, even if it means having to lie to Bob. Later, at the factory, Laurel hears her slogan announced as the winner on the radio but can’t believe her ears when Viv's exited voice comes on air. Meanwhile, having discovered Viv's lost eternity ring in the laundry basket, Bob goes to confront his wife about the mystery of the two identical rings. Presuming that Donna has told Bob about the competition she blurts out the truth about the slogan. Bob is furious that Viv has been keeping multiple secrets from him again and can’t believe that his wife would stoop so low. At the first opportunity Viv tells Zoe that Scott is applying for access to Jean. Worried about the implications, Zoe warns Scott off crossing the Tates in a law court. It's Ollie’s 18th birthday, but after blowing hot and cold about having a party Danny decides to play safe by covering all options by arranging a romantic candle lit meal in the antiques shop, followed by a party in The Woolpack with her friends. Under the impression that valuable coins have been found on a part of Rodney’s land, Eric gets up early to partake in some metal detection. Discovering his own coin Eric is sure that a gold mine lies beneath so approaches Rodney to persuade him to hand the land over to the historical society. When Rodney refuses, Eric offers him a handsome price to buy the land instead. Steph swans into the factory for her first day's work over an hour late. It's not long before her snide comments start to alienate her from her new coworkers.


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