The feud over the competition prize recipient finally reaches a resolve after Bob refuses to join Viv on the cruise unless she first makes things right with the winning slogan writer, Laurel. A showdown commences when Betty and Nicola persuade Laurel to stand up to Viv with a compromise being reached – Viv gets the cruise and a beaming Laurel prepares to be the new face of Shift toilet-cleaner. Donna is not impressed that her mum has insisted that she join them on the cruise. When she informs boyfriend Robert about being away for three weeks he doesn’t seem too bothered. Having purchased a piece of Rodney’s land with the belief that it has historical value, Eric starts to dig. However his excitement soon turns to anguish when Danny points out that, according to the map in Rodney's barn, the archaeological site is ten feet in a different direction. After being caught red-handed breaking into the barn to sneak a look at the map, Eric is horrified to learn that he has been scammed by Rodney, who strategically dropped the gold coins to send him on a wild goose chase. Rodney feels that they are now evens, following the chair swindle, but Eric is not about to take this deception lying down. Scott is surprised when Yolanda turns up at the garage unexpected, leaving her card with an invitation to give her a call. When he sees Syd and Chloe in The Woolpack, it's just the fuel he needs to dial Yolanda's number to arrange a date. Syd is hurt after overhearing Chloe tell her mum that she's living with a friend. Later in The Woolpack, Chloe promises Syd that she meant nothing by the comment. Steph’s coworkers decide to start a book on how long madam will stick the factory job. But when Shelley fills her in, Steph decides to play them at their own game by arranging for Shelley to win. Meanwhile, Carol accepts Alan’s offer on the B&B.


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