Scott’s hot date with Yolanda goes off with a bang when he decides to show her off in The Woolpack. As they smooch at the bar a jealous Chloe retaliates by exaggerating her affections towards Syd. The tension rises and a row erupts between Yolanda and Chloe as each one insults the other in front of a captivated pub audience. But before the argument turns physical Scott leads Yolanda back to his place and it's not long before she embraces him passionately, ripping off her shirt. Yolanda leaves Scott bemused by rushing off after the liaison, but all becomes clear when he's later woken by the police who arrest him on suspicion of rape – allegations made by Yolanda not Zoe. Meanwhile, Chloe tries her best to enjoy the night with Syd, but both the incident at The Woolpack and a job offer from her mum to be a nanny in Paris are playing on her mind. Louise gets more than she bargained for when Diane persuades her to accompany Ashley to a social event. The buxom blond makes a lasting impression at the young farmers harvest dinner dance and Ashley gets kudos from the guests. Charity struggles to juggle business with motherhood when she chooses to miss an important meeting with a client so she can take Debbie to hospital after a bicycle accident. The gap between husband and wife continues to widen when Chris finds out. Laurel is on cloud nine after her photo shoot for Shift despite the fact they think she's Viv. Laurel sends a copy of the newspaper article to her parents, keen to get some recognition from her non-supportive family. Pearl's still pursuing Len’s affections, despite the fact he's been avoiding her like the plague ever since the infamous kiss. Sure that he is just playing hard to get, Pearl finally catches up with him in The Woolpack – only to witness his disappearing act once again.


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