Scott vehemently protests his innocence, Chris and Charity have another row after she causes an important client to cancel their contract, and it's results day for the teens.


After the midnight arrest, innocent Scott remains locked up while the police try to piece together the events of the night and unearth any supporting evidence for Yolanda’s rape allegations against Scott. Having established some discriminating facts about their suspect the police finally question Scott, insinuating that Yolanda was just a tool to prove he was over Chloe and when she refused sex he wouldn’t take ‘no’ for an answer. Leaving the interrogation room for another night in the slammer Scott spots Yolanda complete with black eye and, realising that he's been set up, immediately requests a solicitor. For Chris, the good news that Scott's been arrested is heavily dampened by a letter from Leeds hospital following on from his recent tests. Arranging a mysterious business trip to Leeds, Chris asks Terry to accompany him. Unaware that the excursion is to Leeds hospital, Terry hopes it will be a good opportunity to ask for a pay rise. Having promised Chris that Debbie’s dentist appointment would not interfere with the important client meeting, Charity has to admit to her husband that not only was she late but the big haulage contract was not renewed. Another row erupts as Chris accuses Charity of spending more time at the Dingles than at Home Farm. Nerves are apparent around the village as the A-Level students prepare to pick up their exam results. Despite all the worrying both Robert and Ollie pass with flying colours, although Robert is subdued as he ponders over his future. When Edna joins the celebrations in The Woolpack, she tenderly reminds Len that if Ollie ever leaves Emmerdale he will still have his friends. Debbie has to backtrack when she lets it slip to Lisa that she witnessed her parents kissing. Remembering that Charity had made her promise not to tell anyone Debbie later tells an understanding Lisa that she made the story up because all she wants is to have a proper family.


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