Scott is let out on bail and immediately starts throwing accusations in Zoe's direction, while Chris imparts a big secret to Terry.


Following Debbie’s strange retracted revelation the previous day, Lisa starts to detect some vibes between Charity and Cain which awaken her suspicions that perhaps there could be some truth to Debbie's tales. Sensing potential danger Lisa warns Cain to stay away when Charity comes round to see Debbie the following day. At Home Farm, Charity struggles to keep her marriage on track with Chris continuing to ignore her attempts to make peace. When she suggests joining him on the business trip to Leeds he shuns her company in favour of loyal Terry. As Terry and Chris knock back the drinks in the hotel bar, Chris starts to get sentimental, thanking his right-hand man for all he's done over the years. Seizing the opportunity to ask for the much needed pay rise, Terry is amazed to be presented with a cheque for £20,000. When Chris reveals the true nature of the trip – that he's going in to hospital for a brain scan to detect a potential tumour, Terry shows his loyalty by insisting on accompanying him there as his friend, not his employee. When Ashley tells Zoe the news about Scott’s arrest he advises her not to get involved and to let the police take care of it. Meanwhile, Scott is released on bail, with a stark warning to stay out of trouble. But the words go in one ear and out the other as he storms straight round to Home Farm firing accusations at Zoe that the Tates have set him up. Elsewhere Elaine reveals to an amused Robert that her ambition is to drive her own lorry.


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