Chris goes in for his CT scan and is unnerved by the results, Charity heads straight into Cain's arms, and Scott confronts Yolanda at the lap dancing club.


Debbie is determined to stir up emotions between Cain and Charity before going on holiday with Lisa. She questions why they’re insistent there's no chemistry between them, admitting she saw them kiss. Charity is embarrassed that Debbie has bought up their moment of passion, scrambling to offer an explanation and insisting that it was a mistake that meant nothing. Upset and frustrated by her parents Debbie leaves for Whitby with Lisa and Belle. Charity struggles to keep her growing desire for Cain a secret. When Chris announces that he's staying in Leeds for another two days Charity feels abandoned. Unable to put her sexual desires on hold any longer Charity reaches for her car keys and heads straight into Cain's arms. After the steamy encounter, Cain and Charity lie in bed and reflect on their situation. Their actions speak louder than words, as they rest safe in the knowledge that they don’t want to let go of what they’ve rediscovered. Meanwhile, at the hospital, Terry and Chris nervously await the scan results. Chris is unnerved by the whole experience, but still can’t take his mind off what Charity may be up to. As the doctor reveals the results, Chris tries to contain his emotion when he is told that the scan has shown a brain tumour. Terry is aghast as his friend is then taken straight in to theatre for a biopsy. Elsewhere in the village, having received a solicitor's letter from Scott, Zoe is desperate to stop him from seeing Jean. She decides to go to the police convinced that he will be charged if there are two allegations of rape against him but they see through her claims that her memory has returned.


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