Chris recovers from his biopsy, Scott drowns his sorrows, Sam prepares for his written driving test and Cain hits a nerve with Charity.


While Chris lies unconscious recovering from his brain tumour biopsy, the doctor informs an anxious Terry that, although the operation itself was successful, the results won’t come through for a few days. Back at the village, Charity is so distracted by her steamy liaison with Cain that she nearly knocks pregnant Dawn over as she races through the village in her car. The incident visibly shakes up Charity, leaving Dawn with the impression that she must have found out about Chris being in hospital. When Dawn mentions it to Terry he gets a suspicious feeling over why Charity would be in such a hurry. Having survived the journey to the Dingles, Charity goes straight up to Cain's room and strips down to her underwear! A stunned Cain can’t believe his luck, convinced that Charity's visit was to pulverise the notion that she still has feelings for her ex. But the passionate romp ends in tears when Cain's remark about Charity's days as a prostitute hits a raw nerve. As she storms out his bedroom in a rage, a half-dressed Cain follows shouting his apologies, much to Sam’s disbelief. However the words fall on deaf ears as Charity zooms off into the distance in her convertible. Zoe’s still struggling to come to terms with the fact she may have been raped. After another upsetting encounter with a drunk Scott she resolves to speak to Yolanda, hoping it may jog her memory. After the paying bikers decide to use another location for their racing, Katie suggests that she leaves school to become a full-time cleaner to help make ends meet. Elsewhere, Sam fails his written driving test, despite Paddy and Emily’s pep talks.


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