Chris discharges himself and returns home, but finds himself put through the third degree by Zoe, who issues ultimatums to both Yolanda and Scott. Meanwhile, Katie has happy news for Andy.


Chris leaves hospital, against doctor's advice, and heads back to Home Farm to break the news to Zoe about his tumour, however she has other important things to discuss with her brother. Jumping in first she demands to know whether he put Yolanda up to the rape claims. Distracted by his more pressing health issues, Chris admits to paying for ‘natural justice.’ Outraged by her brother's admission to framing Jean’s father for rape, Zoe storms out the house still unaware that Chris is seriously ill. It's not long before Charity and Chris are also at each other's throats, leaving Terry to support his ailing boss. After confirmation of the set up Zoe re-visits Yolanda, paying her more Tate money to drop the charges against Scott. Zoe then tells a bewildered Scott that she'll go to the police saying she consented to sex with him, if Scott agrees to stay out of Jean's life forever. Katie’s high grades in her GCSE results make Andy a very proud man. While picking the results up she also manages to secure a contract with a friend at school to use the stables for her horse, supplying a regular flow of much needed farm funds. Elsewhere a dishy plumber turns up to fix The Woolpack dishwasher. Diane tries to encourage Louise to ask him out on a date but she isn't interested.


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