Chris' world falls apart as he receives the results of his biopsy, and a nervous Scott receives a call from the police over the rape allegations.


Chris goes to hospital with Terry to pick up his biopsy results. The men are left speechless when the specialist informs Chris that his tumour is inoperable and the prognosis is fatal. Without treatment he has six to twelve weeks and with radiotherapy up to a year. He returns to Home Farm to an empty house and orders Terry to leave him alone. With Chris away in Leeds again Charity arranges to meet Cain at empty Pear Tree Cottage. Enjoying the dangerous element to the liaisons the lovers continue the affair despite the risk. Charity doesn’t expect to find her husband at home when she rolls in drunk and late, telling Chris that she's been clubbing with Louise in Hotten. Meanwhile, Zoe is on her way to New York, having booked flights that day, unaware of her brother's terminal illness. Having made the deal with Scott she feels it's the right time to recuperate from all the stress of the past few months. Scott celebrates the news that Yolanda has withdrawn her police statement. He admits to Syd his regret at being forced into signing away any contact with his daughter. Louise has a disastrous date with The Woolpack plumber leaving her depressed about her non-existent love life. Over a drink in the pub, Ashley also admits that he feels his life is lacking any excitement. Syd offers Paul some work as a chippie.


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  • A gentle piano arrangement is played as Chris is told that his tumour is inoperable.
  • Viewing Figures: UK broadcast - 8,360,000 viewers (14th place).
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