Chris is highly suspicious as to Charity’s whereabouts the previous evening. She claims to have been out clubbing with Louise but disbelieving Chris heads to The Woolpack to check out her alibi. Charity manages to catch Louise in time and begs her to cover for her. Remembering how she owes Charity a favour over Ray’s death, Louise reluctantly backs up the story, but Chris is sure she's lying. Chris later cries tears of frustration when the reality of his illness hits home. He tries to spend the evening with Joseph to make the most of their time together, but his tired son falls asleep. Meanwhile, Rodney is horrified to discover that a fairground has set up outside his house. But things look up when one of the female workers takes a shine to him. The rest of the village is delighted by the arrival of the fair, and besotted Laurel joins Ashley on the waltzers. When Katie spots Robert leading Elaine onto one of the rides she later questions him over his feelings for Donna. Chloe confesses to Siobhan that her mum has found her a nannying job in France and that she’d be happy to leave Syd. She later goes for a meeting with her solicitor and is devastated to learn that she could face a future behind bars for neglecting Jean.


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