Chloe is still beside herself with worry that she might go to prison. In an attempt to dig out of the hole she seduces Syd into agreeing to withdraw his police statement. But when Siobhan accidentally spills the beans about Chloe being offered a job in France, Syd realises that the sudden show of affection was part of her devious plan. After a huge argument it becomes clear to heartbroken Syd that Chloe has just been leading him on over the past few weeks. After Charity turns down an offer to join Chris and Joseph on their zoo outing she arranges to meet up with Cain in the stables at Home Farm. The lovers are nearly caught out, however, by the surveyor who returns from a previous meeting to return Charity's mobile phone. The steamy liaison ends in a slap round the face for Cain when he implies that Charity's role in the Tate family amounts to prostituting herself. Having returned from Whitby, Lisa picks up on the unusual tension between Charity and Cain. Rodney continues to flirt with fair worker Juanita and admits that he envies her unpredictable life. After Juanita leads lucky Rodney off for some passion in her caravan he starts to wonder whether it's time to hit the open road again. Scott is forced to sell his car to make ends meet financially after Chris doubles his rent.


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