Syd tries to make amends over the blazing row with Chloe the previous night but with little success. Later Chloe instantly forgives Syd after finding out the police charges have been dropped. However, just as the relationship starts to get back on track, Syd overhears Chloe asking her mum whether the job in France is still available. Furious at Chloe's persistent deception, Syd tries to play it cool but can’t resist her for long and the pair end up back in each other's arms. After a night in Juanita’s caravan, Rodney is flying high. Reminiscing about the fun he had during his previous life on the road he starts to consider leaving the village to join the fair. But when it comes to the crunch he can’t bring himself to leave, instead resolving to add more thrill and excitement to his life. At The Woolpack, Louise and Ashley decide to go speed dating. Laurel is quick to follow, ignoring Nicola’s words of warning about pursuing her crush on the vicar again. Chris insists that Charity join him for lunch at Terry’s house, stopping to pick up some champagne from the shop on the way. Spotting Cain, Chris deliberately leans over to kiss his wife just to wind him up. The act has the desired effect as Cain immediately takes out his frustration on the nearest bystander, a bemused Scott. Elsewhere the Marsden and Sugden families dig out their old 70's clothes in preparation for the theme party.


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