Chris is forced to abort a cricket game with Joseph due to his failing health. Set on protecting his son from the truth he packs him off to a friend's for the holidays. Shocked at how quickly his boss is deteriorating, Terry does his best to comfort the dying man. When Chris resorts to alcohol Terry tells his a few home truths about his life in a bid to provoke him into positive action. Syd is thrilled when Chloe announces that she has decided not to take the job in France and that she loves him. Earlier, however, Scott overhears the vixen telling Siobhan that Syd is just a stopgap in her love life. Laurel is over the moon when Ashley asks for her assistance with some practice for the speed dating. Dressed up to the nines she meets the vicar for a rehearsal in The Woolpack, only to find that Ashley has also invited Louise. Brushing away her disappointment Laurel focuses on polishing her performance for the real date. Over at the Marsden's, Elaine gets in a sticky situation when she accidentally smashes her dad's tailight. Young Robert comes to the rescue fixing the damage, but inadvertently they leave the box for the replacement light on the driveway for Ronnie to later discover. Shadrach finally comes crawling back appealing to Lisa for forgiveness over his previous bad behaviour. Not ready to forget the deception over Zak’s letters, Lisa tells him he can stay in the shed but isn’t to come near the house. Rodney is feeling lucky after his liaison with Juanita and the fair so, having decided not to buy back the problematic piece of land from Eric, gambles the £5,000 on a winning horse at excellent odds.


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