Having discovered the truth about his wife's affair first hand, Chris is in a terrible state. After hitting the bottle he turns on his only ally Terry for not informing him sooner. When Terry explains about finding Charity’s necklace at Pear Tree Cottage, Chris's imagination goes into overdrive, declaring that he wants them both dead. Later, alone in the house Chris loads up his shotgun and waits for Charity to return. Meanwhile, Charity makes peace with Debbie following the reactive slap she dished out to her daughter previously. Events are spiralling out of control for Charity, provoking her finish the affair with Cain. After an emotional argument Charity tells her lover that it's Chris she wants as Debbie's provider and her husband. Going on to confess that she slept with Chris the night before, Cain's jealousy turns to fury. Terrified, Charity runs away in tears as Cain smashes up the pavilion before racing after her. Charity is adamant that she's going home to tell Chris the truth. Charity makes her way back to Home Farm, but just as she's unknowingly about to face the barrel of a shotgun Terry arrives and ushers her away from the house. He warns the adulterant that Chris knows all about the affair and wants her dead. But Charity is not about to give up on her life as a Tate that easily, returning to face the music and beg for forgiveness from Chris. She explains that Cain was just a relief from the depression and loneliness that had been building up over the weeks. However, as Charity is being thrown out Chris falters, asking her to stay. Is he about to reveal the truth about his trip to Leeds?


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