Terry’s worried that Chris means to do something reckless to harvest revenge on his estranged wife. So he’s relieved when Chris reveals that he’s merely planning to divorce Charity on the sly. Meeting with the Tate lawyer, Chris stipulates that the divorce settlement must leave Charity with as little as possible. Meanwhile, ignorance is bliss for Charity, as she plays the attentive wife. It never rains but it pours for Lisa, who is summoned up to Carlisle by Granny Clegg for family business. Marlon is left holding the Dingle fort, including keeping Cain out of trouble and being nursemaid to an ungrateful Shadrach, whose first port of call from hospital is The Woolpack. Eric's left in the lurch at the factory, however Lisa’s departure gives Steph the opportunity to offer her services. Meanwhile, Alan sings his daughter’s praises to Shelley, who feels ashamed that Steph is only sticking at the factory job to get into Alan's will. Bob’s brother Eddie is desperate to secure a double glazing sale, but isn’t having much luck in the village. Particularly after he tries to scam Rodney by offering him free windows under the guise of making his house a showcase. When Eddie reveals the excessive installation cost of the ‘free’ windows Rodney throws him out on his ear, and later warns people off his wares at The Woolpack. Edna visits Len to tell him that, although she holds their relationship in high esteem, there will never ever be any romance between them.


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