Bitter Chris begins to privately discuss divorce proceedings with his lawyer. When she informs him Charity will still get access to their joint accounts Chris makes plans for a major spending spree. Knowing his days are numbered, Chris is determined to bankrupt Charity and begins by buying Debbie a horse. Unbeknown to Charity, Chris has a hidden agenda, just when she thinks he is making an effort with Debbie, he is really planning to make their lives hell. Robert is keen to have his wicked way with Elaine, but she's not so sure and feels guilty about Donna. It becomes apparent that Robert hasn’t even told Donna it is over. With her due back from the cruise any time, Elaine gives Robert an ultimatum. Donna is gutted when she is told that the relationship is over, however is relieved when Robert assures her that nothing is going on between him and Elaine. Shifty Eddie is keen to make a quick exit once he hears his brother Bob is due back in town. But persuasive Dawn has other ideas. Having always been a successful salesman, Eddie is worried his failing career will become transparent, but he reluctantly agrees to stick around. As the holiday-makers return from their cruise, Viv’s absence is the talk of town. Bob is forced to explain to the locals that his beloved wife did not run off with the captain of the ship, but was bitten by a mosquito and caught a rare disease and is now being held in quarantine. Bob is thrilled to have his brother back in his life and, singing his praises as the best salesman in the country, persuades him to visit Chris Tate. Intent on spending all Charity's money, Chris agrees to having all his houses in the village double glazed.


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