After a romantic night in the bedroom with her husband, Charity feels she is beginning to win back Chris’s affections after her misdemeanours. As the day progresses she becomes increasingly amazed by Chris's generosity as gifts are showered on them including a helicopter, holiday and mystery package. Charity is knocked for six when the lord of the manor announces that the gifts are actually all for him and that he has filed for divorce with the intention of leaving her penniless. Overcome by Chris's perfectly executed deception, Charity lunges at him in frustration and anger. Hearing his boss cry for help, Terry pulls an infuriated Charity off Chris, throwing her out of the house. Meanwhile, Cain gives Ali a physical warning not to upset his daughter again following an earlier incident in the café between the teenagers. With Lisa away on family business, Steph is set on making a good impression at the factory so jumps at the opportunity to deal with an angry client in Eric’s absence, even managing to secure another order with the irate business man. Rodney puts all his efforts into raising funds to make his mark in the property market, even approaching rival Eric as a potential investor. Eddie is still feeling the pinch from his boss to meet his quota of window sales, so is relieved when Sam signs on the dotted line. Promising to himself that he’ll cancel any fake contracts as soon as legitimate sales are secured, Eddie forges Betty’s signature on another order. Diane gives the go ahead for Syd and Paul to start work on a new Woolpack kitchen, following the vermin attack the previous day.


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