Zoe tries to come to terms with the news of her brother's imminent demise. Having filled Zoe in on the deterioration symptoms, Chris makes her promise to leave Charity in the dark. If his wife learned of Chris's terminal illness her solicitor could detest his will on the grounds that his mind was not fit. Chris asks Zoe to stay at Ashley’s place for the time being, fearing that her and Jean may be in danger at Home Farm. Marlon tells Cain, who has been out drinking all night, about Chris throwing Charity out the house. Strategically bumping into Charity in the village, Cain joins her for a huge shopping spree followed by champagne at her hotel. After a few too many drinks Cain escorts Charity up to her room, where they fall into each other's arms once again. Rodney finds it hard convincing his daughter that the property investment plan is watertight. With only 28 days to pay the deposit of one hundred thousand pounds, Nicola is convinced that her dad is about to go bankrupt. After failing to extract investment from Alan, Rodney turns to a loan shark for some additional cash. Ashley makes arrangements for a village talent night, much to the delight of Bob who can’t wait for the opportunity to entertain the masses. Meanwhile, brother Eddie forges another signature on a sales contract– this time Edna’s.


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