Tempers flare in the Woolpack, and Elaine seeks advice from Siobhan.


The strain of recent events is taking its toll on Charity. After an argument with Debbie she admits that she needs all the friends she can get in her hour of need. Later, feisty Charity makes her way to Home Farm to try and make Chris see reason. But her pleas fall on deaf ears as Chris turfs Charity out with only her car keys and a few suitcases of clothes. Chris relishes the power he has over his estranged wife, as he calls the police to report her violent tendencies once again. Determined not to be intimidated by Cain in The Woolpack, Chris hits back with an underhand comment about Debbie going on the game. This is the final straw for Cain as he launches himself at Chris, threatening to kill him. Louise and Terry intervene, throwing Cain out the pub for causing yet another disturbance. Rodney is being cagey about his plans to buy the mansion and Steph smells a rat. Determined to get a piece of the action she sides with Eric to try and get in on the deal. Robert has got a taste for the bachelor life and is determined not to give it up. Elaine is feeling under pressure to sleep with her secret boyfriend, and Siobhan encourages her to follow her feelings.


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