As the police forensic team arrives at Home Farm to investigate Chris’s suspicious death, a distraught Charity tries to describe the events leading up to her husband's dramatic and unexpected death. Asked to describe Chris's state of mind prior to his death Charity recalls his weird mood swings from anger to the calmness when he said that killing her would be too easy. Meanwhile, oblivious to the tragic events down the road, the villagers gather in The Woolpack to enjoy the talent night. The escapologists are left with the hard task of warming up the audience following Sam’s birds of Britain impression. But the police arriving for Zoe divert attentions away from Bob’s attempts to free his chained body from a trunk. As news spreads the villagers' reflect on Chris's life, but struggle to find a favourable epilogue, particularly Scott who celebrates his enemy's demise. Back at Ashley’s place, the police question Zoe about the last time she saw her brother. Zoe reveals how Chris was particularly concerned about the future of Joseph after his death from the inoperable tumour. Zoe is shocked when it becomes apparent that the police are unaware of Chris's illness and in fact are investigating the possibility of foul play. Charity is escorted to the police station for further questioning and forensic testing. The evidence soon piles up against her focusing on the marriage break-up, broken china in the hallway indicating a row and her ignorance about Chris's terminal illness. With a clear motive and the opportunity to kill it seems that Chris may have left a lasting legacy to his unfaithful wife.


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