The horror of the events at the manor reverberate around the village, as the locals try to get to the bottom of the tragedy and gossip about possible motives for Chris’s murder. Meanwhile, the police continue their investigations and Zoe is surprised at how well Joseph has taken the news. After learning the cause of death from the post-mortem detectives begin to dissect the crime scene and remove the computers from the house hoping they might find some evidence. Elsewhere in the village, a familiar face appears at the Dingles, when stripper Chastity turns up explaining her landlord has kicked her out after Cain and Debbie arrived. Meanwhile, the police finally find some crucial evidence, a trace of poison from Charity's car. They arrest Charity as she is about to leave Emmerdale to find Debbie. Elaine asks Frances to make an excuse for her not going to work so that she can go and talk to Robert about the situation with Donna. Elaine says he must tell Donna about them but when he goes to find Donna she doesn’t want to speak to him. Robert lies to Elaine about telling Donna the truth but, just as they start to kiss, Donna sees them and runs off in tears. Elaine follows her to make amends, however Donna retaliates by saying that she slept with Robert a couple of days ago. Elaine calls her a liar and attacks her in the café. Bob, Eddie and Ali pull them apart. Afterwards Elaine sees Robert and gives him a slap around the face.


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