The Dingles are thrown into turmoil when Marlon insists on talking to the police, while Rodney faces financial ruin when his plans for the Mill hit a stumbling block.


After a night behind bars Charity’s further interrogated following more condemning evidence. The police have discovered that the poison purchased over the Internet using Charity's login and she signed the delivery note. Meanwhile, Marlon decides to make a statement to the police about Cain leaving the Dingles brandishing a knife and declaring that he was going to kill Chris on the night of the murder. Lisa is furious that Marlon has decided to grass up a family member up and begs him to re-consider but to no avail. Totally against the advice of her legal brief, Charity decides to admit to the police about Cain being at Home Farm. However, fearful of being sent to prison for a crime she didn’t commit, Charity decides to implicate Cain by telling them that he killed Chris. With various holes apparent in Charity's new version of events, the police are sceptical but put a warrant out on Cain's arrest in order to get his story. Eric is delighted by Rodney’s reaction after he informs the wannabe millionaire that planning permission for the Mill has met with objections at the final minute resulting in it being turned down. Rodney is a broken man as he contemplates his dire financial predicament over several whiskys in The Woolpack.

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