Cain is now the prime suspect for the murder of Chris. The manhunt includes a national TV appeal for people to come forward with information of Cain and Debbie’s whereabouts. When the police visit the Dingle household it's Marlon who lets the cat out the bag again telling them that Cain and Debbie had been staying with Chastity. With both Marlon and Charity in the Dingle doghouse they are left to console each other over a bottle of wine. Marlon promises to stick by Charity through her ordeal however he gets more than he bargained for when she makes a pass at him. Despite his love for Tricia, Marlon can’t resist the temptation. Elsewhere Rodney is reeling from the news that Eric has been unable to secure his part of the Mill deal. Instead of returning the cash Rodney gave him, Eric offers to buy the Mill from him so that he can pay off his debts, offering him only £800,000. Realising what he's up to Rodney tells him to forget it and throws a glass of whisky in Eric's face. But Rodney's predicament gets worse when the loan shark tells him he's got one day before his first payment is due. Chastity gets a trial run behind the bar in The Woolpack after Ashley persuades Louise to give her a chance. Jealous Laurel is hurt that Ashley holds Chastity in such high esteem. Meanwhile, Shadrach is keen to make amends with his daughter, promising to pay back all the money he stole from her. Despite taking her medication Zoe is struggling to control her mental state as she tries to come to terms with her brother's absence.


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