Gloria arrives seeking the truth about what her husband has been up to in her absence. Rodney’s only too pleased to fill her in on Eric’s dodgy dealings and alliance with Steph. Sure that Gloria will persuade Eric to keep his nose clean Rodney buys himself a few more hours when the loan shark. Determined to get the bottom of it all Gloria pays Eric a visit at the factory and is bemused to witness Steph with her feet firmly under the table. Gloria demands that Eric honour his deal with Rodney to avoid her name being dragged through the mud by the press. In a heated argument between the couple Eric pointedly refuses Gloria's requests, insisting that everything's above board and that his relationship with Steph is platonic. Confident that her marriage is not in jeopardy, Gloria tells a frustrated Rodney that she can’t persuade Eric to change his mind on the deal. Pearl suggests that Len organises Ollie a leaving party, which helps cheer him up over the fact his granddaughter is leaving the village. Meanwhile, Danny is hurt when Ollie tells him that it's not a good idea for him to join her in Manchester. Elaine and Robert’s romantic night alone at Andy and Katie’s place is interrupted by concerned father Ronnie, who shows up just as the couple are about to go upstairs.


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