The guilt over the accident weighs heavily on Robert's mind, Ollie says goodbye to the village, and Louise saves Ashley from a disastrous date.


Robert’s racked with guilt as Elaine remains unconscious in hospital following the accident. Andy desperately tries to make his brother see sense and tell the truth about who was behind the wheel. Later, when Elaine finally wakes up Robert's relieved to discover that she can’t remember anything about the accident. Determined to save his own bacon Robert quickly fills Elaine in on his untrue version of events. Elaine is upset by the news that she was driving and can’t believe she would be so stupid to lose concentration. When the doctors announce that Elaine has no permanent brain damage Robert thinks he's completely in the clear. It's Rodney’s first day as a millionaire but Danny doesn’t feel like celebrating with his boss. With Ollie leaving for university later on Danny is utterly deflated and doesn’t even plan to say goodbye to his ex. But when it comes to the crunch, after some wise words of advice from Len, Danny can’t let Ollie leave without wishing her all the best for the future. Louise saves Ashley from the date from hell by telling speed dater Susan that he is engaged to her. Susan is furious, accusing Ashley of being a womaniser before dumping a drink over his head. Elsewhere, Lisa is furious that Sam has been duped into signing up for Eddie’s double glazing so promptly ends the contract by ripping it up and throwing it back in the failing salesmen's face. With boss Gary on his back to stump up all the deposits by Thursday, Eddie resorts to gambling his last fifty pounds on the horses. Elated Eddie wins a thousand pounds but promptly loses all the winnings on a second race!


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