Elaine questions Robert about the accident, Eddie's put under further pressure, Ashley and Louise cause a stir when they accompany one another to the Tea Dance, and Andy frets for his future.


Eddie’s financial situation goes from bad to worse as he struggles to keep the wolf from the door. His boss is constantly harassing him to deliver the deposits from his new clients. Determined not to be defeated, Eddie is forced to take desperate measures to raise the cash. But when Bob overhears him on the phone begging for extra time, Eddie is forced to think on his feet and ends up lying to his naïve brother. He makes out he needs money to invest in the firm and helpful Bob lends him the cash in Donna’s 18th birthday savings account to make up the funds. Caught between a rock and a hard place, Eddie guiltily accepts the money, knowing full well that he can’t repay it in time for Donna's big day. Louise and Ashley send the village into a frenzy, as they refuse to deny rumours that they’ve become an item. Watched by eager eyes, the unlikely couple giggle at all the attention they are getting as the gossip spreads. Elsewhere in the village, with Chris dead, the future looks uncertain for Andy and Katie as they wonder whether Zoe will sell their farm.


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