Bob promises to stand by his brother as the extent of Eddie's financial worries become evident, while Ashley relishes riding the wave of gossip, and Andy and Katie take the momentous step of setting a date for their wedding.


Eddie can’t believe his ears when Garry appears in the pub to announce that he has been named salesman of the month. Garry is determined to turn Emmerdale into an advertising campaign. As the whole village will soon be kitted out with double-glazing the publicity will be huge for Wonderland Windows. On the edge of a nervous breakdown, Eddie decides it is time to do a runner. Packing all his worldly goods into the old banger he part exchanged his car for Eddie is all set to leave his woes behind when the engine fails. Tearful Eddie breaks down, admitting to his brother that he's a multiple fraudster. After the initial shock wears off Bob promises to everything in his power to get his brother out of the deep hole he's in. The tongues are franticly wagging around the village following rumours of romance between the barmaid and the vicar. The church group spy eagerly on Louise and Ashley, who deliberately flirt with each other in The Woolpack just to wind the gossips up. Diane is in on the joke, but the rest of the villagers are duped by their actions – especially when Louise gives Ashley a kiss on the lips in full view of the nosy onlookers. Elsewhere, Katie and Andy decide to set a date for their wedding in the New Year, after Andy's trust fund money becomes available. Charity can’t stand Chloe’s snide remarks about killing Chris any longer so tells her a few home truths and leaves for the Dingles, hoping that Lisa will take pity on her.


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