Bob pulls out all the stops to ensure things turn around for Eddie, Charity is worried when she is informed Cain and Debbie have been found, and Andy and Katie impart some big news.


Bob desperately hopes the villagers will be forgiving when they hear Eddie has exploited their trust and good nature to meet his astronomical sales targets. Bob prepares for the hardest sale of his life. He excitedly prepares his presentation to persuade the locals to let his brother off the hook for forging their signatures in order to keep his boss happy. Bob gathers all the curious troops together, telling them he has an announcement to make in The Woolpack. As the locals rally in the pub is a hive of activity as the gossips speculate on what Bob has to say. But his speech goes down like a lead balloon when he tells them they have all been unwillingly signed up for double glazing! Bob only just manages to talk the red-faced villagers round despite Edna’s unforgiving words. Wedding bells are in the air as Katie and Andy announce they have set a date for their big day. With the future of the farm uncertain the young couple decide to focus on something positive – a wedding scheduled for Valentine's day 2004. Laurel collars Ashley and asks him if there is any thing going on between him and Louise. Although Ashley firmly denies the rumours, he is struggling to hide his growing feelings, convinced she would never feel the same about him. Chloe has been harping on at Syd to take her away on holiday since Paul and Siobhan announced they were going away, little does she know Syd is just teasing her and he has secretly booked for them to go as well.


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  • This episode was transmitted at the slightly earlier time of 6.50pm.
  • Viewing Figures: UK broadcast - 9,760,000 viewers (13th place).
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