Eddie breathes a sign of relief, as the villagers agree to rally round and help him out of his sticky situation. Luckily Bob has uncovered a clause in the legally binding contracts. This will prevent anyone from being left out of pocket. Elated Eddie decides to tell Garry where to stick his job. Getting carried away, he decides to give bemused Garry back everything that goes with the job, including his suit, which he strips off and discards at his boss’ feet. Disgusted, Edna is forced to avert her eyes at the very public display, as Eddie rages around in his boxer shorts in the middle of the street! Charity knows it is only a matter of time before the police come knocking on her door again. With Cain in custody she prays for a miracle, hoping he won’t stab her in the back, the way she has done to him. She feels powerless and has no way of proving that Chris framed her. On a whim, she decides to go and get Debbie from the police station and bring her home to pack up as she plans to flee. Charity is in a frenzy as she starts to pack all of their belongings and tells Debbie they are going away again. But the teenager remains loyal to her dad, refusing to leave without Cain. Meanwhile, Cain is determined to remain tight-lipped until the police try a backhanded tactic of getting him to talk. They play Charity's testimony to him. He can’t believe his ears when she callously lies and tells the police Cain killed Chris and even refers to the previous incident with Angie. Deciding to give as good as he gets Cain issues the statement that Charity killed her husband. Elsewhere, Paul and Siobhan ask Frances to loan them the deposit to buy the cottage from Alan. Frances is only too pleased to help out financially, particularly as it means her family will be close by.


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