Cain tells the police that she saw Charity standing over Chris's body and knew she had killed him straight away. Lisa leaves to meet with Eddie. Charity tries to get Debbie to go on the run with her, but Debbie doesn't want to go without Cain. Dawn and Terry are weirded out by Bob's baby video diary. Robert visits Elaine. Charity asks Louise and plays on her knowledge of Louise and Ray and blackmails her. Bob drives Dawn mad with the video diary. Donna is thrilled to see Viv but is disappointed when she doesn't take an interest in her. The police decide to release Cain and drop the theft accusations as long as he makes a statement in court. They decide to reinvestigate Angie's death. Donna tries to vent to Viv about Robert but is interrupted by Scott. Viv is shocked to learn that Chris is dead. Elaine tries to see Robert's bruise from the crash. Donna finally tells Viv that she feels ignored and Viv comforts her. Debbie phones Cain to tell him that she's running off with Charity. Cain gets Debbie to stall Charity and phones the police. Charity nearly crashes into Cain when he pulls into a driveway and he stalls her. Debbie confesses that she rang Cain. Charity asks Cain to come with her but Cain stops her from leaving. Bob and Eddie are worried when Viv suggests that they buy Donna a car with the 18th birthday savings. Charity confesses to Debbie that she set up Cain. Charity asks Cain to let her go, Cain refuses and pins her to the van. Eddie tells Bob that they need to tell Viv the truth. The police arrive at Wishing Well Cottage, Cain says that he told the police she killed Chris and Debbie is upset with him. Terry admits that he doesn't feel like he should be happy due to the Tates' misery. Charity is arrested for Chris's murder and threatens to get revenge on Cain.


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