In a cell, Charity’s pleas for justice are ignored by the police. When her solicitor finally arrives, Charity can not believe her ears when he is doubtful she will be granted bail. Charity feels as though she is going out of her mind as she resigns herself to the fact that she could be in a cell for a long time. Later that day, Charity is taken to the magistrate’s courts to plead for bail. As she looks around to all the familiar faces she sees Debbie who mouths that she loves her. The magistrates express their concern that Charity is likely to abscond if she is allowed to walk free before trial and as a result they refuse her application. Heartbroken Charity is escorted away while elated Zoe feels compelled to rise to her feet and applaud the magistrates’ decision. Bewildered, Marlon is forced to quickly take tearful Debbie home. Meanwhile, at the Dingles, Cain has confessed everything to Lisa and told her that Charity has told the police about his connection with Angie’s death. Elsewhere in the village, Bob and Eddie are forced to put their thinking caps on as Viv has decided to buy Donna a car from her, now empty, savings account. Also, Ashley doesn’t realise how close he is to the truth when he confesses to Zoe that he believes Charity may be innocent. Knowing Chris tried to frame Scott, Ashley wonders whether Charity has also been set up by Chris. Deeply troubled he takes his suspicions to the police, but unfortunately for Charity his thoughts are overlooked.


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