Andy decides to pay his estranged dad a visit in prison to ask about brother Daz. Billy is elated to see his son and declares that he is now a changed man. He asks Andy to give Daz a chance, particularly as his dad is locked away and his mother is a waste of space. However the words fall on death ears as Andy is determined to have nothing to do with Daz or his father. After talking the situation over with Jack, Andy informs his devastated half-brother that he is being handed over to social services the following day. Cain is relieved to receive news that, in light of Lisa’s recent statement, the police are not pursuing investigations into the death of Angie and Adrian. Some home truths from Emily about Debbie’s perception of her parents make Cain realise that he must prove his love for Debbie. He offers to take his daughter to see Charity, who does her best to hide the fear but Debbie sees right through her act. Eddie is finding village life hard going after the double-glazing incident. Now all the kind folk who helped him out are calling in favours of their own. All the free breakfasts and drinks are leaving the café out of pocket much to Viv’s horror. Siobhan makes an appointment at the abortion clinic but Paul seems to be having second thoughts about their decision not to become parents. Elsewhere, Shadrach spots the opportunity to make a few bucks by selling Charity's story to the press.


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