As if they haven’t got enough on their plate maintaining the farm, Daz decides to do a runner when he is due to be taken to social services by Andy and Katie. When Andy finally gets his hands on his tearaway brother, he shares a few home truths about Billy that shatter Daz's illusions about their incarcerated father. Cold-hearted Andy is in no mood for his little brother's sulky attitude, telling him that as soon as his mother gets back in the country he can pack his bags and move out. Pregnant Dawn panics after a false alarm. The prospect of going into labour triggers her anxieties for the baby's health as she worries it may be born deaf due to the rubella. Siobhan is feeling hormonal and grotty as she wakes. Paul tries to convince her to take the day off sick, but stubborn Siobhan refuses claiming she is pregnant not sick. Meanwhile, Paul can’t take his mind of the termination. Siobhan seems to be unaffected by the prospect of getting rid of their baby, but he is beginning to have second thoughts. The village is shocked by the expose in the papers on the Dingles and the Tates. It's obvious who the culprit is when Shadrach appears in The Woolpack flashing his cash around. Lisa despairs as she watches the subsequent Dingles meeting turn into full-scale argument with accusations flying between the family members. When Dodds asks Lisa out for a romantic meal, she suddenly gets cold feet as she finds out that what she thought was an innocent liaison was intended to be more intimate. However, Lisa and Eddie seem to be striking up a friendship as she helps him keep his finances afloat by assisting him selling sandwiches to the villagers.


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  • This episode was transmitted at the slightly earlier time of 6.50pm

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