Having panicked and lied to her husband in order to save her marriage, Siobhan is forced to now stick to her story about not being able to go through with the abortion. When she confides in Louise about her plan to fake a miscarriage, Louise is horrified and warns her friend that she's taken her relationship with Paul into a completely different place. Meanwhile, Paul can’t wait to tell the elated Marsden family, particularly Frances who is over the moon that her daughter-in-law did not go through with the termination. Over at Home Farm, Zoe is inundated with visitors arriving on her doorstep to pay their respects to Chris, whose body has finally returned home. After an awkward start, a few drinks mellow the atmosphere as the villagers warm-heartedly remember Chris. After the well-wishers leave Zoe breaks down in tears next to her brother's coffin as she realises how much she's going miss him and struggle following in his footsteps. At Butler's Farm, much to the despair of Andy and Katie, tearaway Daz continues to make a mischief of himself, including covering a wall in graffiti. Eddie and Lisa are enjoying each other's company, despite strong disapproval from Sam. They agree to keep things simple between them and not rush into anything too heavy. Elsewhere, after another false alarm, Dawn admits to Terry that she's really scared about giving birth. Faithful Terry assures his wife that he’ll be there the whole way.


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