At the cemetery, Chris is finally laid to rest as the coffin is lowered into the ground. A tearful Charity stares into her husband's grave as Joseph throws earth onto the coffin. Back at Home Farm, turning on the Dingle charm, Zak manages to worm his way out of a very sticky situation up at Home Farm, as Zoe finally surrenders the shotgun she had been brandishing threateningly. As Zoe arrives at the cemetery the mourners are beginning to leave and Charity is forced to say her goodbyes to Debbie, who is upset to see her mother go back to prison. Charity warns Zoe that she has not seen the back of her, relenting to fight the charges against her all the way. Meanwhile, determined to break the ice, Zak makes his entrance. All the Dingles look on in disbelief as he stands there bold as brass. Lisa can’t believe her eyes as she runs towards him. Naïve Zak thinks he is in for a warm welcome from his long-suffering wife, but is utterly shocked when she wallops him and floors him with a right hook! Later, back at the Dingles, Lisa bathes Zak's bruised face as unsuspecting Eddie shows up to see her. Eddie is perturbed to find out that wounded Zak is Lisa's estranged husband. Dazed and confused by the day's events, Lisa tells the gang she is going to bed and when Zak tries to follow she leaves him in no doubt that he's not welcome. Zak takes the rejection in his stride, unaware that his wife has emotionally developed during his departure. Elsewhere, Dawn goes into labour with Terry, Bob and Viv by her side. While Terry and Bob are busy panicking about the birth, Dawn admits to her mother-in-law that she's terrified of the ordeal ahead of her.


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Memorable dialogue

Zak Dingle: "Mad, bad and dangerous! Zak's back!"
Lisa Dingle: "Zak!"
Sam Dingle: "Dad!"
Marlon Dingle: "Uncle Zak?"
Betty Eagleton: "Well, I'll be beggered!"
(Lisa runs over to Zak, who expects a hug, but Lisa punches him to the ground)
Lisa Dingle: "Not a word. Not a card for months. Or maybe you weren't even gonna come back to me!"
Marlon Dingle: (restraining Lisa) "Lisa, they'll have you in the cop car!
Sam Dingle: "Dad, you're not dead, are you?"
Zak Dingle: "No. I only feel like I am."

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