After a complicated birth, exhausted Dawn and ecstatic Terry patiently await the results of their baby's hearing test. They are hugely relieved when the doctor assures them their baby has perfect hearing. Meanwhile, Terry is determined to call the tot Terry Junior, despite Dawn's intentions to call him Harrison. Playfully they bicker about the baby's name but it seems that Terry has got his heart set on TJ. Having been thrown out by Lisa, homeless Zak has spent the night in the barn and wakes up covered in hay. Cain and Debbie are amused as they bring him some rations. Meanwhile, Sam tries to convince Lisa to make it up with Zak, but she's still in shock over his infidelity. She later decides to offer him an olive branch, but her forgiving nature backfires as the couple begin to argue again and the attempt at a reunion gets them nowhere. After an altercation with Eddie, Zak decides to drown his sorrows in The Woolpack, where it appears his luck is about to change. Taking pity on his old mate, Rodney decides to offer him somewhere to stay. Meanwhile, Lisa decides to rekindle her relationship with nice guy Eddie. Scott worries about his livelihood as the garage rent is due and with Chris long gone, he faces negotiating with Zoe under difficult circumstances. He is pleasantly surprised by the fact Zoe agrees to lower the rent on the garage. Betty and Edna continue to be annoyed about Pearl’s flirtatious behaviour, but it is clear she is slowly having more and more of an impact on Len. At Butler's Farm, Katie and Andy are relieved when Daz’s mum phones to confirm that he's being picked up the next day. After letting one of the horses out of the stables, Daz is well and truly in the doghouse as far as his brother is concerned.


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