Terry is the proudest man in the village as he shows off the newest addition to his family. Everyone is keen to sneak a peak and offer congratulations to their friend. The celebrations begin at The Woolpack as Terry wets the baby's head with friends, while Dawn stays at home to spend time alone with her new born. But tragedy strikes as in the midst of the celebrations Terry collapses and it soon becomes apparent that something is gravely wrong. Louise bends over Terry begging him to respond before shouting for someone to call an ambulance. At Butler's Farm, Daz has been driving Katie mad at the farm and Andy finally manages to lure him out of the house by promising him a driving lesson, giving Katie some peace and quiet. Just as Katie starts to get on with her college work Daz's mother Denise shows up. Katie is shocked by the comments his mother makes about how Daz spoils everything and is a waste of space. But the conversation is interrupted when Daz drives into Denise's parked car outside. Furious she screams at him to get in, leaving Andy and Katie feeling sorry for Daz as he is driven away from the farm. Rodney and Zak are getting on like a house on fire. Realising that there's a buck to be made by importing South American artefacts Rodney makes a deal with Zak to share his overseas contacts. Len plucks up the courage to ask Pearl out on a date however he's surprised when she politely turns him down, while all the gossips watch on in amazement. With all the baby celebrations going on in the village, Siobhan is finding the truth about her termination increasingly difficult to deal with.


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