After a sleepless night by Terry’s bedside Dawn is totally exhausted. Encouraged by the fact that her husband has made it through the night Dawn remains positive that Terry will pull through. But later on that day Dawn begins to see the severity of Terry's illness. The nurse tries to comfort her as she realises how many things Terry will be unable to do and she later breaks down by his bedside, clinging tightly to TJ. Helpless Bob looks on not knowing how to comfort his daughter in such a traumatic time. To make matters worse, Bob tells Viv he thinks it would be better if Terry died rather than for Dawn to be left with two dependants. Unfortunately Dawn overhears the conversation and is devastated by her father's words. She can’t believe Bob would say such a thing in her time of need. Elsewhere in the village, Zak gets into a spot of bother with the police when an argument with Lisa about custody of the family dog draws unwanted attention. The police stop to see what all the commotion is about and end up arresting Zak for jumping bail on a previous charge. Despite their constant arguing the couple obviously still have feelings for each other. After encouragement from her family to get back in the driving seat, Elaine and Robert go out in the car together. She looks at Robert smiling beside her and has a sudden flash back. Elaine is shaken, but when Robert asks her what is wrong and she brushes him off. Robert begins to panic that Elaine's unwelcome memory is about to come flooding back. Len and Pearl go on their first date together – to The Woolpack! Inevitably Edna and Betty interrupt the private party and plonk themselves down next to the courting couple.


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