The news that Terry’s recovery could take years hits Dawn hard, but the doctors tell her she has to be strong for him and that he is lucky to still be alive. Meanwhile, Bob is feeling guilty about upsetting Dawn the day before, but can’t help feeling Terry is now going to be a huge burden on her life and she is too young to deal with the pressure. Viv insists that Bob rectifies the situation with Dawn and offer his support in these hard times. Later, after the nurse sends Dawn home for some rest, the new mum switches on Bob’s baby video diary and breaks down in tears when Terry appears on screen. Zak is released on bail for the air rage incident but things just get worse for him when the Dingle family dog gets run over following an argument with Lisa. Furious that Zak had insisted on taking Woolly to Rodney’s house, Lisa blames the death on her estranged husband. Poor Eddie also finds himself in the doghouse as he was the unfortunate driver of the offending vehicle. Robert knows that Elaine’s memory is about to come flooding back so confides in Andy. His brother offers the not so reassuring words of ‘I told you so’ and advises him to come clean. Debbie is in trouble at school after being rude to her teacher. Cain tries to chastise the teenager but ends up on the receiving the end of his daughter's sharp tongue. Chastity suggests holding a slave auction at The Woolpack to raise cash for the historical society. The event involves the male contingency of the village being sold to the highest bidder – which should prove interesting!


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