Zak decides to return to South America, forcing Sam to take drastic action. Meanwhile, Dawn struggles to cope with Terry in his condition, and Elaine has another flashback to the day of the crash.


Down hearted about life in the village, Zak decides to take Rodney up on his offer to accompany him and Danny to Santiago in Chile on their mission to find fertility statues. But what Zak hasn’t bargained on is Sam stealing his passport in a bid to stop his dad from leaving the country. With Zak hot on his heels Sam panics and shoves the passport into the post box outside the village shop. When Zak demands Sam retrieves the important document he proceeds to get his arm stuck in the hole! Lisa appears and another row ensues between husband and wife over Zak leaving. But when it comes to the crunch Zak can’t bring himself to leave his family a second time and is eventually welcomed back into the Dingle house. Dawn is on an emotional roller coaster as she tries to deal with Terry’s dire situation. The villagers all offer their support but Dawn just feels as if the weight of the whole world is on her shoulders. The doctors tell her that they are very pleased with Terry's progress but it will take time for him to learn basic skills like speech, making it hard for Dawn to remain positive. The heat is on for Robert as Elaine experiences yet another flash back of her boyfriend being in the driving seat when the car crashed. Rob discusses going to the police with his brother to tell the truth. It's Debbie’s birthday so to celebrate Cain takes her to The Woolpack for a first taste of alcohol. Louise is furious when she discovers Debbie outside supping on an alco-pop.


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