The truth about the crash finally becomes clear to Elaine, Dawn tries to remain optimistic and Zak and Lisa put aside their differences.


Terry becomes frustrated as he continues to struggle with his speech after the stroke. Putting on a brave face, Dawn remains optimistic insisting that he will be home for TJ’s first Christmas. However Terry's speech therapist does not share the same enthusiasm. Concerned by Dawn's reassuring words, she feels the need to warn her that if he makes a full recovery at all, it could take two years. The sight of her badly damaged car at the garage unnerves Elaine. Desperate to recall the accident she tentatively clambers amongst the wreckage and sits behind the wheel hoping to trigger something. Robert nervously tries to convince her to leave their ordeal dead and buried. Later, Robert finally gets his wicked way with Elaine as the two end up in bed for the first time, but their romantic afternoon ends in disaster for Robert as Elaine notices the bruising on his chest. Realising it can only be from the driver's seat belt rather than the passenger side, it becomes clear to her that he must have been driving the car when it crashed. Eventually Robert is forced to admit the truth leaving Elaine horrified that he could have killed her. After a weekend away trying to salvage their marriage, Eric is upset when Gloria explains she has to dash back to London for important meetings. Keen not to distance himself once more, Eric offers to join her, but cagey Gloria insists she go alone. Elsewhere in the village, Zak and Lisa put their differences behind them and rekindle the passion in their relationship. Spurred on by a comment from Eddie about being the Emmerdale singletons, Louise asks surprised Ashley out on a lunch date the following day.


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