Ashley and Louise prepare for their date, Elaine is forced to choose between Robert and her family, and Eric invites Hillary to dinner.


Both Ashley and Louise are nervous about their impending dinner date. However once they finally decide on what to wear for the occasion, both parties feel ready to enjoy the evening ahead. The date goes swimmingly until Louise makes a throwaway comment about Ashley being a really good friend to her. The sensitive vicar takes this to mean that Louise is not interested in a relationship so he cuts the date short, giving Gabby as an excuse to get home early. With Gloria’s infidelity playing on her guilty mind she's desperate to keep Eric off the trail for the next few days while Hillary is staying in Emmerdale. So Gloria tells her husband that her researcher is actually gay, but the plan backfires when Eric, now feeling unthreatened, invites Hillary to join them for dinner. In the evening, oblivious to the tense atmosphere, Eric proceeds to get inebriated and entertains himself by making suggestive comments about Hillary's sexuality. As soon as Eric's back is turned Hillary makes a pass at his boss, but Gloria makes it clear she's not interested. Elaine's continued relationship with Robert is driving a huge wedge between the Marsden family. Having decided to forgive her boyfriend over the car crash issue Elaine further upsets the apple cart by moving out of the family home to get away from her disapproving parents. After another argument with her dad, Elaine packs her bags and heads off to the refuge of Paul and Siobhan's. Elsewhere, Andy and Katie are still lumbering with looking after troublemaker Daz. Having not heard from the boy's mum the couple wonder if they will ever be left in peace.


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