Having babysat for Ashley, Chas has spent the night at the vicarage. On her cleaning rounds, Laurel jumps to the wrong conclusion when she finds the brash barmaid in Ashley's dressing gown! Grateful for looking after Gabby, Ashley asks Chas if she would like to move in with him as a lodger knowing she is looking for somewhere to live more permanently. Chas takes him by surprise by planting a huge smacker on his lips, explaining she needed to check there is no chemistry between them before she commits fully. Ashley is bewildered as she happily takes him up on his offer, explaining she felt nothing from their kiss. Little do they know Louise has witnessed the passionate clinch. Later Louise confronts an amused Chas over the matter, who confirms to her boss that Ashley only has eyes for Louise. Gloria is struggling to keep her affair secret from Eric insisting to Hillary she has made a mistake and he must stay at the B&B. But she weakens when Hillary turns on the charm and their embrace is narrowly missed by Steph, who makes it clear to Gloria that she knows there is something fishy going on. Excited about the prospect of becoming a father, Paul tells his mate Syd about Siobhan being pregnant. Louise overhears and warns Siobhan that she should sort the situation out now before it gets any worse. Elsewhere in the village, mischievous Daz has bumped into Debbie. Hitting it off immediately the duo spell double trouble as they cause havoc. Debbie challenges her new friend to break into Jarvis’s shed but the boy is caught red-handed by the owner, much to Andy’s embarrassment. Daz promises Andy that his mum will be picking him up the following day. Ronnie warns Robert that as soon as he puts a foot wrong with Elaine he’ll come down on him like a tonne of bricks, but cocky Robert embraces the challenge.


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