The charity slave auction is proving to be a huge success at The Woolpack. The men wait with bated breath as the ladies bicker over the highest bids for each male villager. Donna finally gets her own back on Elaine, by out-bidding her for Robert, while toga clad Ashley nervously anticipates his sale. Bidding reaches fever pitch with Laurel putting all her holiday savings on him. Not to be out done, Louise raises the stakes and wins with the highest bid for Ashley, leaving Laurel heartbroken as she watches them eagerly head upstairs to bed. Overcome with sadness, she can barely hold back the tears as she realises she will never be able to compete with Louise. Eric is none the wiser to his wife's affair, as he clears some space in the Antique's Barn for him to set up office. Hillary can't believe that Eric's constant references to him being gay, knowing full well he has bedded his wife behind his back! Meanwhile, money minded Steph is plotting against the couple. Over a drink she coaxes the truth out of Hillary and then approaches Gloria with blackmail in mind. Elsewhere in the village, a furious Edna catches Daz, as he tries to dig up Batley's grave. She frog marches him up to the farm with Len to tell Andy, who is at the end of his tether with his tearaway brother. Siobhan is still living with the lie that she couldn't go through with the abortion, but doesn't know how long she can go on. She confides in Louise, telling her she is going to 'lose' the baby the following day. At the slave auction Frances is appalled with her daughter-in-law when she discovers vodka in her orange juice. Laurel books herself a cheap holiday on the Internet to Majorca and tries to convince Betty to go with her. Betty agrees, despite admitting that she is supposed to be saving to join Seth in Australia.


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