It's the morning after the night before as Ashley and Louise blissfully wake up in bed together after the slave auction. With no regretful feelings the couple decide to start dating officially. Diane is amazed to return home to find a toga-clad vicar holding a breakfast tray for two and a barmaid with a smile on her face! Later on Diane gives her friend's relationship with Ashley her seal of approval. Elsewhere devious Steph thinks she has struck gold following Hillary’s revelations about his affair with politician and married woman, Gloria. Having found the untapped resource Steph doesn’t waste any time in blackmailing Gloria £2, 500. Steph is unimpressed when Gloria offers her a managerial role at the factory as an alternative, so gives Gloria until the next morning to come up with the hard cash before Eric learns about his wife's infidelity. Meanwhile, blissfully ignorant Eric is on cloud nine, telling his guilty wife that he wants to spend a lot more time with her in the future. Siobhan dreads faking a miscarriage but is determined that it's the only way to get her life back to normal. Having actually gone through with a termination Siobhan is overcome with guilt as she comforts her devastated husband, having informed him they have lost the baby. Terry is progressing slowly but surely at the hospital. Encouraged by the fact his physio is an old mate from his rugby days he is ready to start re-learning mobility.


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