While Steph is off on a shopping spree spending her anticipated blackmail money Gloria, determined not to be bullied by the likes of Steph, sets about digging for dirt on her enemy. Pulling out all the plugs the politician is delighted to discover that Steph has been imprisoned for fraud and deception. In light of Steph's criminal record attempted blackmail would not be viewed lightly by the police. With Steph under control Gloria asks Hillary to leave the village so she can get her marriage back on track. After the shocking news that Siobhan lost the baby, Paul is concerned for his wife's wellbeing. However Siobhan finds his fussing suffocating, particularly as the only pain she feels is her guilty conscience. Siobhan's day goes from bad to worse when Paul tells Frances the news, who is full of sympathy for her daughter-in-law. With the pressure mounting on Siobhan she prays that life will get back to normal soon. Terry’s pleased when a friendly face turns up at the hospital to offer him support. The sight of his mate Zak helps to encourage Terry to put the effort into regaining his skills. Ashley and Louise are acting like love struck teenagers after finally getting it together. The local vicar shocks The Woolpack regulars by planting a lingering kiss on Louise's lips in front of the amazed audience. Katie is offered a trial run working at The Woolpack collecting glasses, much to the delight of the male contingency.


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