Steph decides to seek revenge on Gloria. With a hot story about a local married MP having an affair with a toy boy she approaches the local tabloid offering them the scoop. Steph uses Hillary as the bait, persuading the lovesick researcher to try one last time with Gloria before leaving the village. With reporter and photographer in tow Steph eagerly follows Hillary who arranges to meet Gloria outside the village hall. Once again Hillary is given the elbow, but little does Gloria know that their goodbye kiss has been caught on camera. Louise is keen to make a good impression on Gabby so offers to baby sit for the afternoon. Things don’t go as planned when Gabby falls off a swing and grazes her knee. Ashley assures a nervous Louise that accidents like this happen and that he doesn’t expect his new love interest to become Gabby's mother. Viv insists that a reluctant Bob pay Terry a visit in hospital after avoiding his friend since the stroke. When Terry performs his latest trick of sitting up and drinking on his own Bob doesn’t share Viv and Dawn’s enthusiasm. When the two men are left alone Terry breaks the silence by singing to dumbstruck Bob. Paul upsets Siobhan by offering comforting words about trying for another baby. After the ordeal of lying about the termination and faking a miscarriage it's the last thing on Siobhan's mind. Later Paul apologies for being so hasty, agreeing to let things get back to normal before mentioning babies again.


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