Gloria’s constituents are amazed to read about the local MP's affair with her researcher in the local tabloid. As the shocked factory girls pour over the article, smug Steph admires her handiwork. With Gloria holding a constituent surgery in the village hall the interested locals queue up to speak to the philandering MP. However Gloria is blissfully unaware that her secret is in the public domain, until a discourteous Viv presents her with the article. Meanwhile, Eric reads the newspaper and is devastated by the revelations about his estranged wife. Confronted with the gossip about her affair, Gloria is unable to deny the allegations that are plastered all over the papers. With Gloria out of the picture Steph is quick to offer Eric a shoulder to cry on. Marlon is ecstatic when he hears that Tricia will be back in England in time for Christmas. However, with Alan selling the cottage to the Marsden's, the chef is presented with a housing problem. Hoping that Zoe will put her resentfulness toward the Dingles to one side Marlon approaches her about Pear Tree Cottage, however the bitterness is rife as Zoe rejects the offer. Concerned about her daughter-in-law's recent miscarriage, Frances pays Siobhan a visit to offer support. However the pair end up falling out after Siobhan tells a shocked Frances that it was probably a good thing that they lost the baby.


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