Eric’s devastated despite Steph assuring him that Gloria is not worth the upset. Meanwhile, disgraced Gloria wakes up with a hangover, having spent the night at Edna’s house after drowning her sorrows. Later, Gloria insists to Eric that she wants him back and they can start over but he refuses to listen, telling her to go back to join her boyfriend in London. Desperate, Gloria tells him that she has resigned as an MP because her marriage is more important. He starts to waver but, encouraged by meddling Steph, Eric is unable to forgive her. Siobhan gets a letter from the hospital and dismisses it to Paul as a follow up note after the miscarriage. He reassures her that he is there if she needs to talk and Siobhan feels guilty. After she leaves for work Siobhan's midwife calls round and tells Paul that Siobhan has missed her prenatal scan. Paul tells her about the miscarriage but the midwife is insistent that there is no record of it on her notes. Paul is annoyed but agrees to get Siobhan to give the midwife a call. When Siobhan gets home Paul asks her what the mix up is and eventually she cracks and tells him the truth – that she had an abortion. Paul is appalled by her lies and feels totally betrayed. He leaves, telling Siobhan she is on her own. Having been successful in persuading Zoe to rent Pear Tree Cottage to Marlon, Paddy helps his mate move in. Later when Marlon visits Charity in prison he's put in an awkward position when Charity begs him to let her use the address as a permanent address to help get bail. With a guilty conscience having slept with Charity, Marlon is desperate to distance himself before Tricia gets home.


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