Paul has spent the night at his parents following Siobhan’s revelations about her abortion. All hell breaks loose at the Marsden's when Siobhan arrives to try and make peace with her husband. With emotions running high Paul informs his shocked parents about how Siobhan pretended to have the miscarriage. Frances is unable to control her anger, throwing her daughter-in-law out of the family house, shouting after her that she had no right to take a life. Later on, Siobhan begs Paul to forgive her for the lies but remains adamant that she made the right decision by aborting the baby. However, in Paul's eyes his wife's actions are unforgivable. He tells Siobhan that he’ll never be able to trust her again. Frances finds a distraught Paul in the workshop smashing up the cot he had lovingly built for his child. Gloria is feeling sorry for herself, but a pep talk from Edna boosts her fighting spirit. Determined to win back her man Gloria marches round to Eric’s, but is shocked to spot him planting a kiss on Steph’s cheek. Blind to Steph's devious ways, Eric is showing his appreciation for all her support during his difficult time. Marlon is persuaded by Charity’s solicitor to allow her to use Pear Tree Cottage as an address for the bail hearing. As they decorate the cottage Paddy warns Marlon that he’ll be out before he's even moved in if Zoe finds out. Zak voices his disapproval to Cain about him standing up in court to testify against a fellow Dingle. Meanwhile, Cain struggles to meet Debbie’s request for money to go on a school trip. Steph oversteps the line when she viciously gibes Shelley about her weight in front of Alan. Be-trodden Shelley finally finds a voice as she gives an apologetic Steph a piece of her mind.


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